What does 15 minutes of fame cost these days?

EVERYONE wants their 15 minutes of fame, eh?

And it seems like they’ll take it however they can.

Like this prankster from Southport, who filmed himself earlier this year doing handstands on the roof of his car… while he was driving.


Come again?

Apparently, he was cruising through an industrial estate in Burleigh Heads when he decided to climb out of the window and up onto the roof to do a headstand, before sliding back into the driver’s seat. All while the vehicle was in motion.

As you do.

Obviously, there was a bit of planning involved – enough for him to set up a camera to film his little stunt. Then he swung into action.

I understand that some people want to be daredevils, I really do. People far more adventurous than me have that drive to be daring, to push the envelope, to test things at their limits.

But the antics of this guy? They’re plain foolish. And potentially life-threatening, for the driver and for those around him.

Granted, he was in an industrial estate and not in a residential area, but there were still people about. Some of them were concerned enough to call the cops, who turned up quick smart and confiscated his phone footage.

They charged the man with dangerous driving, which is how we learnt what his real intentions were.

It turns out that he performed this “high-risk stunt” (and let’s remember he’s not a kid, he was 30 years old) so he could…

Wait for it…

Post the footage on Facebook. Or maybe it was YouTube.

It doesn’t really matter which one; the point is, he staged this dangerous and unsupervised car “trick” in a public area, all so he could grab his 15 minutes (or is that 15 seconds?) of fame on a social media site.

On Monday, Magistrate Paul Johnstone describe the man’s “deliberate act of handstanding” as one of gross stupidity.

And for his efforts, he’s wound up in court, charged with dangerous driving. On Monday, the judge found him guilty of the same charge, which carries a maximum penalty of three years in jail.

So for a potential 15 minutes of fame, he risks three years in prison?

The world really has gone mad.


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