What drives Gold Coast motorists crazy

QUEENSLAND motorists want other drivers to back off, after naming tailgating as the most frustrating driver behaviour in RACQ’s annual What Drives You Crazy survey.

The survey asked members to rate the most annoying driver habits, with tailgating, incorrect use of indicators, aggressive behaviour and incorrect parking all featuring in the top 10.

Other annoying behaviours highlighted in the survey included littering, texting and talking on hand-held mobile phones, and ignoring speed limits.


In light of the results, RACQ has launched an online campaign to raise awareness of bad driver behaviour (featured video).

RACQ’s Senior Road Safety Advisor Joel Tucker said driving too close to other cars topped the list for the second year in a row and called for more courtesy to be shown on the roads.

“Tailgating is clearly an ongoing frustration for Queensland motorists,” Mr Tucker said.

“Drivers who follow cars too closely are putting themselves and others in danger, as they increase the likelihood of a crash if they need to stop suddenly.

“As motorists, we need to remember we are sharing the road.”

Mr Tucker said the results highlighted the need for more enforcement of general road rules by police.

“An increased on-road police presence targeting offences such as tailgating, hand-held mobile phone use, failing to use indicators, speeding and illegal turns would be welcomed by motorists,” he said.

“However, the onus ultimately is on the individual, and motorists have a responsibility to follow the rules, and more importantly adopt a courteous approach that respects other drivers.”

TOP 10 frustrating behaviours 2014

  1. Drivers who follow too closely/tailgate
  2. Motorists who throw litter out of their vehicles
  3. Motorists talking/sending SMS on hand-held mobiles
  4. Motorists who increase their speed when you try to overtake them
  5. Motorists who aren’t courteous e.g. allowing room to merge/change lanes
  6. Motorists who incorrectly use indicators e.g. indicate too late or fail to indicate at all
  7. Motorists who display aggressive behaviour e.g. blowing horn, verbal abuse or hand signals
  8. Motorists turning from the wrong lane e.g. At multi-lane roundabouts
  9. Motorists ignoring restricted speed limits e.g. At school zones or road works
  10. Motorists parking incorrectly e.g. Double-parking or using disability car parks