What drives you crazy? Queensland drivers reveal the most annoying on-road behaviours

What really ticks you off on the road? Queensland drivers have voted and the most annoying on-road behaviours have today been revealed.

According to RACQ’s latest ‘What drives you crazy’ survey, tailgating and incorrect indicating has taken out the top spot.

RACQ spokesperson Clare Hunter said the survey found 91.5 percent of Queensland drivers had suffered the maddening experience of having another vehicle tailgate them.


“Time and time again tailgating ranks as the number one most annoying habit and it’s a major problem because it puts unnecessary pressure on inexperienced drivers and leads to mistakes that cause crashes,” Ms Hunter said.

“This year tailgating tied for the number one spot on our list with incorrect indicating or failing to indicate at all.

“Indicating incorrectly not only impacts those drivers around you, it’s a dangerous rule to ignore and could result in a bingle.”

Ms Hunter said respondents also highlighted other irritating habits including mobile phone use and littering.

“Motorists using their mobile phones is one of the biggest growing problems on our roads. Distraction is one of the Fatal Five, and we implore motorists to take this seriously,” she said.

“Drivers who speed up when they’re being overtaken and those who litter also ruffle feathers. More than 90 percent of those surveyed say these habits drive them crazy.”

Proportion of Queensland drivers frustrated by these behaviours:

  • Tailgating – 91.5 percent
  • Incorrect indicating or failure to do so – 91.5 percent
  • Texting or using hand held mobile phones – 91.4 percent
  • Increasing speed when being overtaken – 90.6 percent
  • Littering – 90.1 percent.