What impact Tropical Cyclone Uesi will have on the Gold Coast

A tropical cyclone gaining momentum in the Coral Sea is currently tracking towards the Australian Coast, however Gold Coasters are being told not to be too alarmed.

Cyclone Uesi has now been upgraded to a severe category three system, and is sitting near New Caledonia, over 1200km off the Queensland coast.

At the moment, it’s current route has it tracking towards the coasts of both Queensland and New South Wales, however the Bureau of Meteorology told myGC it’s likely that it wont make its way to our shores.


“Cyclone Uesi has been upgraded to a category three system just south of Caledonia at the moment, it’s expected to continue tracking southwards but not make its way towards the Coast,” The Bureau of Meterology’s Alex Mhachrowski told myGC.

He said the biggest concern for the Gold Coast due to Cyclone Uesi is the hazardous surf, with coastal beaches likely to see some massive swells.

“The most significant impact will be the increased swell risk from the Gold Coast to Fraser Island, with potential swell of 3 – 3.5 metres,” Mr Mhachrowski told myGC.

“For the Gold Coast itself we’re not expecting strong winds to make their way to the Gold Coast, potentially an increase in wind speed but nothing severe.

“At this stage it really is the significant swell increase that we’re most worried about and a hazardous surf warning is likely to be issued on Friday.”

According to 7News Meteorologist Tony Auden, he believes Cyclone Uesi will likely approach the Australian Coast on Friday, either as a weak cyclone or tropical low.

“Here, it is possible that the low could undergo ‘extra-tropical transition’, or basically redevelop into a stronger east coast low,” Mr Auden said in a post on Facebook.

“This kind of storm can be dangerous, and is the phenomenon that happened in the movie ‘The Perfect Storm’.

“Current modelling has the low moving as close as 300km from the coast, which would bring some strong wind gusts on Friday, especially on the Gold Coast.”

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate says Gold Coast beaches will take a hit, and urged locals and tourists to be extremely careful.

“We’re tracking the cyclone and it appears to be coming closer to South East Queensland, the timing is just one of those things… It’s at the same time as our king tide and that will create larger swell and that will create scarping in our beaches,” The Mayor said.

“My warning to people who wish to get out there and swim is that we close those beaches for a reason.

“You see big waves and you think you can handle it because you’re a brilliant swimmer, but be aware that the under current when you get caught under there you could be a strong swimmer but the risk is very high right now.”

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