What to do about our flying foxes?

Flying-foxes play a critical role in the health of forests around the Tweed region and are essential for the pollination and health of native forests, but problems can occur when they ‘set up camp’ near urban areas.

That’s why the Tweed Shire Council has begun putting together a management plan for the 16 flying-fox camps across the Shire – to reduce the impact of the camps on residents while also making sure the flying-fox colonies and their habitat is conserved.



The Council will hold a number of sessions in May, with the help of ecological consultants Ecosure, to hear from people who have information about the flying-fox camps.

Bookings are essential to provide input to the plan. Make an appointment with Ecosure for either Monday 8 May at Kingscliff Community Hall, or Wednesday 10 May at Uki Hall by calling Ecosure at 07 5508 2046 or clicking on the relevant date/location in this post.