What’s in a name? Our political future

Andy, Dave and Steve. We all know blokes with these names, right?

They’re our dads, our husbands, our brothers and our mates. And they are also the majority of our politicians.

Our new federal government was recently sworn into Parliament and as policy and research analyst Conrad Liveris points out, a fair whack of them sport one of these common anglosaxon names.


“There are eight MP’s named Andrew and seven named David or Stephen/Steven. This is hardly representative of multicultural society,” he says.

I did a little further digging into our Senate and House of Representatives. Of a total of 226 people, I discovered that there are also seven Tony’s, three Mark’s, three Chris’s and six Michaels.

In other words: our political system is primarily run by a largely white, largely middle-aged Australian men.

In the year 2016, we are being still being governed by a homogenous panel of similar viewpoints.

Our current political leaders don’t reflect Australian society – not even a little bit. There is only a smattering of women represented and I have to say, of those female leaders we have elected, there’s one in particular I’d love to hand back.

Perhaps this explains why I personally feel so disconnected from my country?

I love Australia, don’t get me wrong, and there’s nowhere in the world I’d rather live.

But our country’s policies? The way we treat the globe’s most vulnerable people? Our self-interested attitude, free of any sort of kindness, respect and tolerance? I feel completely disconnected to this side of ‘the Australian way’.

What’s more, the fact that Pauline Hanson recently wormed her way back into power is a national shame, in my book. It only becomes more shameful when I read her Facebook page and saw the hundreds and thousand’s of Australians commenting in support…

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre recently posted a photo that much more accurately sums up how I feel about Australian leadership right now:
“If the protection of our borders requires the incarceration of babies, the sexual abuse of children, the rape of women and murder of men, then we are, of all nations, the most depraved.”