Wheel-standing motorcyclist hit with 17 demerit points after zipping through traffic at 124km/h

A MOTORCYCLIST who allegedly tried wheel-standing his way to freedom after being caught filtering through traffic at 124km/h in an 80 zone has been hit with more than 17 demerit points and fined $2000.

The 24-year-old man allegedly roared passed police on a Yamaha Motorbike at 124km/h while they were conducting stationary speed enforcement duties on Syd Einfeld Drive at Bondi around 6.46am on Friday.

Officers attempted to catch up with and stop the rider as he lane filtered through traffic stopped at two sets of red lights.


The rider then allegedly performed a wheel stand for approximately 50 metres when leaving the traffic lights at the intersection of Oxford St and Ocean St Woollahra.

He then continued at high speed along Oxford Street before turning off into the Centenial Park area and disappearing.

PHOTO: Traffic and Highway Patrol Command

Then, at 6.46am on Saturday, the same officers were breath testing drivers at an RBT site on Oxford St in Woollahra when they spotted the same motorcycle approaching the roadblock.

The officers stopped the P-plate rider and, after he admitted to being the rider of the motorbike on Friday morning, issued him with a string of penalty notices totalling $1919.00 and 17 demerit points.

The man’s licence was suspended on the spot for 3 months and he was issued with an RTA vehicle defect notice and a DECC noise referral.

PHOTO: Traffic and Highway Patrol Command