When fools rush in

IT would have made a great movie if it had worked.

But it didn’t because this is real life.

And those movies about magnificent animals being dramatically freed from captivity or rescued from disaster by rogue heroes defying authorities are MOVIES.


It is not real life.

I am sure the dozens of ‘rescuers’ who broke through police barriers at Palm Beach last night ((WED)) to muscle that beached whale out to sea had their hearts in the right place.

Unfortunately, they were sitting on their brains.

I think we are all getting a bit carried away with whale watching videos where over-excited spectators point at breaching whales and declare they are trying to make friends with us.

Sorry, but they aren’t.

Whales are wild animals.

This is not Free Willy.

Leave it to the bloody experts.

I can only imagine the poor whale’s distress after flailing in the shallows for 24 hours to suddenly be rushed by a group of cowboys.

The wannabe rescuers claimed they were frustrated at the lack of progress made by the experts from Sea World and Department of Environment during the day.

When those experienced organisations ‘abandoned’ the whale they decided they would take matters into their own hands.

They had come prepared with their wet suits, hoping to do something meaningful for once.
And what a great story to tell their mates.

With the whale at least facing out to sea, Sea World had called off the rescue until morning due to dangerous lighting and sea conditions but staff remained at the scene monitoring its condition.

That’s when the fools rushed in.

Unfortunately they only made matters worse and after swarming all over the already distressed animal, the whale was turned back to face the shore again.

She was very calm and gentle and knew what we were trying to do, one of the ‘rescuers’ reportedly said.


That whale was freaking out.

I’ve seen Sea World rehabilitate a sick whale and then release it back into the ocean.

I have heard lots of other stories of successful whale rescues.

And not once did the whale turn back to say thank you to its rescuers.

Because this is real life.

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