When Kane is a bit more able

Over the weekend I read that Greg Bird was still hoping to regain the mantle of captain of the Gold Coast Titans in 2016.

Naturally, my first thought was to check whether it was April Fools Day.

Turns out that that is in April (go figure) and not in August, so the column I was reading was actually legit.


Needless to say a friend and I spent the next several minutes laughing.

We found the notion that in some crazy, idiotic version of reality there is an alternative Greg Bird out there that actually does captain the Titans in 2016 very funny.

But then the laughing stopped, as we both realised a sad, frighteningly repetitive truth.

Crazy and downright idiotic is what Gold Coast sport does best.

The Titans have a chance right this week to arrest the trend of ridiculously horrible business decisions they have made over the course of their existence by selecting as their captain a normal, well-spoken guy who literally leads from the front.

I speak of course of durable, hard-working prop Luke Douglas.

He won’t play origin, he won’t get suspended or injured for half the season. He will be in the trenches with his men week in week out.

Oh yeh, and probably won’t urinate in public, be convicted of assault or get charged with taking illegal drugs.

Douglas is a mature, well-mannered footballer who is perfect for what the Titans need – someone to captain the Titans for one, maybe two seasons until Kane Elgey goes from a rookie who wins us games by himself to a young captain who wins us a premiership.

The arrivals of David Shillington and Tyrone Roberts in 2016 are great for the Titans.

The signings of old heads like Zeb Taia and Nathan Friend will help bolster our roster with experience without paying through the teeth for under-performing forwards.

William Zillman has just one season left on his (ridiculous!) five-year mega contract which means the club will (finally!!) have to start showing David Mead some regular fullback time in order to keep him around in 2017 and beyond.

We have plenty of young exciting backrowers and backline talents like James Roberts and Nene McDonald, and getting young Ash Taylor from the Broncos is also incredibly exciting for Gold Coast League lovers.

And so we return to Bird.

Contracted until the end of 2017 Greg Bird has 52 more games of NRL at the Titans, probably his whole career, to repay the people of the Gold Coast.

Forget the captain’s armband, no more getting from Greg. Just giving back.

He can still be a leader. Can still lead by his actions, from what he does on the field and more importantly the person he is and the choices he makes off the field.

The Bird-brained decisions at the Titans have to stop, and that can start right this week with a great captaincy succession plan that involves a respected ten-year veteran forward and a young kid who could very well take us all the way to the top.

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