Where are all of the Gold Coast jobs?

I HAVE lived in the Gold Coast area for more than two years now and I have seen the population steadily grow but I am wondering, where are the jobs on the Coast?

For the majority of people who live here, they commute to Brisbane for work. Yes, Brisbane has a much larger population and thanks to former Queensland Premier, Peter Beattie (who provided incentives for companies to relocate to Queensland) the population and number of jobs grew.

The population of the Gold Coast is approx 538,000 (according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2012). The population is there, but not the jobs.


Tourism plays a key part in the city’s growth and the Coast is primarily geared towards it but more people are moving here for work and the lifestyle.

The Coast is no longer just an area that people come to retire or have a holiday in but a place where people permanently relocate to enjoy the alternative lifestyle to the ‘hustle and bustle’ of a busy city.

The main employment options for the GC is mostly in hospitality, tourism, retail and construction but not everyone wants to work in these areas.

There are options of owning your own business which creates exciting prospects as well. The idea of working close to home is very appealing; reducing costs of travel and having more time to enjoy the local surroundings and activities.

It is difficult to do this, if you work in Brisbane and spend the majority the time commuting and working away from your idyllic location. Of course, you make the choice to do this but at what cost?

The GC is one of the fastest growing areas in Australia so I would expect there will be more incentives from government and a commitment from businesses to establish themselves here.

Whilst the Gold Coast is possibly thought of in terms of sun and surf, it also needs to show that it is a serious and professional place to conduct business.

According to the Gold Coast City Council, the 2018 Commonwealth Games is said to generate around 30,000 jobs and one of the Games legacy is to continue with future job creation.

Let’s hope this is the catalyst to ensure the Coast continues to be a growing, progressive and thriving city in the future and I will no longer wonder where the jobs are!

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