Where’s the bus? Find out in real time with this app

Ever sat at a bus stop on the Gold Coast and wondered how long your bus was going to take? Wonder no longer!

Two students from Griffith University have created a smart phone app – Where’s The Bus – that allows you to see buses driving around the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast in real time. It provides an ETA to within 30 seconds.

Co-creator of the app, Ian Murnane said the idea came to him from his own experience as a poor student – relying on public transport and not being able to know when his bus would actually arrive.


“I started to get information like GPS coordinates out of the Google Packet, he said.

“The information at the bus stop could say the next service is five minutes away, but you can check the app and see if it’s already gone past or running late,” he said.

Download the Where’s The Bus app from the Google Play store today.

Ian Murnane co-creator of Wheres The Bus app

IMAGE: Ian Murnane co-creator of Wheres The Bus app | Supplied | Griffith University