Which is it Australia?

Honestly, what in the name of Odin was Chris Hemsworth (or the Australian government for that matter) thinking.

If the mighty Thunder God were real, yesterday he would have been shaking his head disapprovingly at the man who portrays him on the big screen.

As I was. As many of us were.


That part of the tax we pay is spent on detaining almost 4,000 people (500 kids) in detention centres is hard enough to live with.

But when we have to watch and read about the $45 million government ad campaign designed to entice people to come to Australia that just tears it.

Watching the ‘coastal and aquatic experiences’ ad last night all I could think about were those 3,906 (as of Nov 30 2015) human beings (505 children) detained both in Australia and offshore.

Just for wanting to come here. In search of a better life.

We lock people up for coming here while we are spruiking to others how fantastic a place it is to visit.

How did we get to this horrible place?

To add insult to the emotional injury our government selected to use an actor who plays a beloved, just and righteous superhero to spread this message.

Perhaps we should have asked Gene Hackman or Kevin Spacey, or even the big dude that played Bane?

In fact I think that Bane’s voice would have epitomised the absurd contradiction quite nicely.

There is a conversation this country has to have with itself very soon about what we want this country to symbolise.

What kind of a country do we want to be?

Anyone who listened to Matty Johns’ Australia Day speech (or the post-speech social media) will be able to tell you that in many parts of this big country people are having that conversation.

But no resolution (or even proper conversation) can happen while there is contradiction and confusion.

And a lack of true leadership from our leaders.

Either Australia is a fantastically diverse and welcoming country open to anyone, or we are an insular, selective nation closed to certain types of people we deem to be less.

We can’t have it both ways.

When a person pretends to be someone they aren’t it eats away at them – so to with a country.

When I saw that add my heart soared momentarily at the beauty of this country and the pride I felt living in it.

…That was right up until my heart wept for the thousands of people we imprison just for trying to come here.

So which is it Australia?

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