WHO records biggest daily increase in Covid-19 cases globally

The World Health Organisation says the Covid-19 crisis is still worsening on a global scale, with another milestone reached overnight.

In the last 24 hours, the health body has recorded the biggest daily number of infections since the outbreak began in December.

More than 183,000 new cases were reported worldwide, as the total number of infections creeps closer to 9 million.


Brazil recorded the most at almost 55,000 new cases, the United State followed with over 36,000 new cases.

While India came in third with over 15,000 new cases.

To date, around 461,000 coronavirus deaths have been recorded globally.

WHO’s top emergencies expert Mike Ryan says the pandemic certainly isn’t slowing down.

“Certainly the numbers are increasing because the epidemic is developing in a number of populous countries at the same time and across the whole world.

“Some of that increase may be attributed to increased testing … and certainly countries like India are testing more.

“But we do not believe that this is a testing phenomenon,” Mr Ryan told an online briefing.

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