Whoops! Big W forced to pull ‘naughty’ Xmas item from shelves

Aussie retail giant Big W has been forced to pull a candy cane shaped bath bomb from its shelves over fears it resembled something else a little more risque…

An eagle-eyed shopper was walking through her local Big W store earlier this month, when she noticed the bright pink coloured Bath Fizzer looked more like a man’s genitalia than a candy cane.

She shared a photo of the accidental x-rated bath bomb to the popular Big W Mums Australia Facebook page, where it immediately went viral.


“If anyone’s looking for bath bombs.. I think Big W might have got their candy cane a bit wrong!” the woman captioned the image.

The post garnered hundreds of comments from other members of the page, who saw the funny side of the unfortunate mishap.

“Bath bombs are going to be popular in some household stockings this year, especially all those single ladies,” one person wrote.

“I just spat out my drink!” commented another.

PHOTO: Facebook | Big W Mums Australia

Big W has since confirmed that the festive bath bomb has been pulled from shelves.

“We are aware that the candy cane bath bomb in our range did get some attention on social media,” a Big W spokesperson said in a statement.

“We certainly didn’t intend to offend our customers.

“Thanks to their feedback, we withdrew the bath bomb from our range on Thursday, November 19.”