WHO’s Covid-19 investigation rules out bat and lab transmission

A team of scientists from the World Health Organisations have put an end to the theory that coronavirus came from bats in China.

It follows a lengthy investigation in the Chinese city of Wuhan, which involved the sampling of bats to find traces of the disease.

Leader of the World Health Organisation team Peter Embarek says there’s been nothing to suggest that animals are able to transmit Covid-19 to humans.


“Wuhan is not a city or an environment close to these bat environments, direct transmission from bats to humans is not very likely,” he said.

While the team also found that it’s extremely unlikely the virus was leaked from a Chinese lab, giving possibility to China’s claims that the virus originated from overseas.

Dr Peter Daszak, a member of the team, told the BBC that further investigations should look into whether the virus was imported, and the investigation should move to South East Asia.

“We’ve done a lot of work in China and if you map that back it starts to point towards the border and we know that there is very little surveillance on the other side in the whole region of South East Asia.

“China is a very big place and South East Asia is a very big place.

“The supply chains to the Huanan seafood market were extensive, they were coming in from other countries, they were coming in from various parts of China, so to really trace that back it’s going to take some work,” Dr Daszak said.

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Ya, sure we believe the WHO. China couldn’t have done this, it was some other country. We already know that there are people in the WHO that are lackeys for the Chinese.

The headline says WHO rules out bat and lab transmission.
But the WHO doctor says
“direct transmission from bats to humans is not very likely” and “extremely unlikely the virus was leaked from a Chinese lab” so have they or havnt they RULED it out? Or they just don’t know?