Who’s stealing our Moreton Bay Oysters?

Local oyster growers have enlisted the help of police to help them catch thieves who have allegedly stolen tens of thousands of dollars worth of oysters from farms across North Stradbroke Island, Moyra Bay, and Deanbilla Bay.

The quantity of oysters have allegedly been stolen over a period of several years, and police believe the thieves are selling the oysters on to others.

With an oyster spat (larvae) taking between five and seven years to mature, the crimes have cost local growers well over $30,000.


Authorities recently raided four properties on North Stradbroke Island near where piles of oyster shells were seen. The shells were identified as being farm-grown oysters.

Police have asked us for help in their investigations by looking at the registration of boats near oyster farms.

Queensland water police searching for oyster thieves

PHOTO: Qld Police

“Boats that have the letter ‘J’ preceding their vessel registration are designated oyster lease boats are are the only vessels allowed within these areas,” Senior Constable Steve Ackroyd said.

“If you see a vessel or person you think should not be in these areas, please call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, Policelink on 131444, or call your nearest police station.”