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Why a private school education is becoming irrelevant

“Queensland’s leading OP schools have been revealed and just four state schools made the top 30.”

This, the first line of a Courier Mail article last week, invites you to read between the lines to uncover the real message: private school kids receive a better education than public school kids.

I’m sure that if you fork out the equivalent of a small house deposit each year to pay your children’s private school fees, you breath a big sigh of relief when an article like this comes out.


Because even if your kid’s actual school doesn’t make the list, at least this reinforces the point: that the heavy investment you’re making in their education is paying off, right?

Maybe. In the past, perhaps that was true.

Not all schools are equal, that much is certain, but I don’t think it’s about ‘public’ or ‘private’ any more.

I send my kids to the local public, because it’s a great school.

And also because, in my view, formal education is like superannuation: it’s there as a fail-safe, but it’s not the main game.

I don’t plan to rely on the government pension to sustain me in retirement, nor do I think my super balance will cut it. Instead, I’m going to invest like a boss throughout my lifetime to make sure I can retire well, without having to survive off two-minute noodles and no air-con in summer.

Along those same lines, I don’t plan on letting my kids think that nailing their formal education is all they need to do to get a good start in life.

Outside of school, they’ll dive into sports and cultural activities, explore their hobbies, do work experience, hang out with people from different backgrounds, learn ‘on the job’, enrol in courses, and do a whole bunch of other things to build their confidence and competence as they grow and learn.

‘School’ is just a small piece of the puzzle in creating a fulfilling, meaningful life and frankly, I want more for my kids than ‘school, uni, job, retire at 65’.

Besides, the new economy values innovative, independent thinking just as much as formal credentials. There may have been a time when doing well at school was a huge pre-cursor to doing well in life, but we’re now in an age where college dropouts launch billion-dollar companies.

We’ve been lead to believe that a state school education just isn’t as strong as an expensive private one, and that may be the case. But in the world we live in today, does that even matter?

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