Why are we waiting?

WHAT exactly is the delay with launching the light rail?

If you ask me, and nobody did, there is something fishy going on.

I base this accusation on nothing more than a deep-seated need to cause trouble and raise hackles.


And, also, well, it’s just weird isn’t it?

All the plans said it would be operational in June and here we are in July and the only people getting to use the track are all those old folks taking wrong turns at intersections.

There has been months of testing going on so you’d think they’d have it right by now.

On a serious note, you have to wonder if there are growing concerns about the behaviour of pedestrians near the tram tracks particularly around Surfers Paradise.

If they aren’t concerned they should be.

The Gold Coast Highway has seen many fatalities, often involving careless or just plain drunk tourists who don’t seem to understand it is a multi-lane highway and not a local road to stroll across at will.

I can’t imagine it is going to be any different with the tracks there now.

Mayor Tom Tate said he did not believe the delay was because of safety concerns as lots of councillors, MPs and media had been allowed to take trial runs in it.

I have three words for you Cr Tate: Crash Test Dummies.

The Newman Government claims it is waiting on service providers such as Telstra, Energex and Gold Coast Water to sign off on it.

Oh dear.

It’s going to be a long wait then.

Should have known Telstra would be involved in some way: Sorry, there is no work order for this job. Try Optus.

And Energex: A bird has flown into the thingamajig. We should have power back on by 2016.

Gold Coast Water: There seems to be a leak somewhere. Call a plumber.

Or it could be perhaps they are waiting for an available time in Premier Campbell Newman’s busy diary.

He has been on holidays.

We all know how much the LNP Government loves to come down and take credit for something that was well underway before they came to office.

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