Why I think parenting is a whole lot easier in 2015

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I often wonder how my mother’s generation did it?

My mum and I countless times chat about the differences between the parenting eras, the 1980’s compared to the 2015’s. She will always say she had it easier than me and I say I have it easier than her.


Her argument: There were no devices to distract us kids from wanting to simply play outside. Playing in the street was safer, our only rule, be home by dinnertime. There wasn’t any pressure to return to work after having a child. And there was not this thing called Facebook that she believes makes us modern mothers feel bad about our parenting. She made a cheese and vegemite sandwich, slapped it on a plate and we ate it, end of story. Now (she feels) there is an underlying pressure to be a food artist (amongst other things) and create a fancy fruit plate crafted into a watermelon, apple and banana family portrait and before presenting it to your child, taking a photo of it and posting it to social media for all your friends to see. It both spoils the child, and spoils other mum’s day who are barely slapping together a cheese and vegemite sandwich for their kids.

I don’t take those photos for my friends to see. I take them so I can record the effort I put in to trying to make her eat something, ANYTHING! Facebook is merely the safe storage choice for said photo which I will one day present to her and hope she will appreciate the blood sweat and tears I put into carving up a watermelon masterpiece which she would then smear all over my shirt or throw on the floor. If she doesn’t, I’ll pay her back when I’m 95 and she’s trying to feed me in my retirement home. Revenge is watermelon-all-over-her-shirt Sweet.

But I digress.

My argument: Simply this. The Robina Town Centre Parenting room.

End of story.

Except not end of story. I had the pleasure of being one of the first to experience the practical new area and I was nothing but blown away by it.


With gorgeous custom made comfy couches, lovely lighting, power to charge phones, magazines for parents and a cute little reading corner for children, it’s a perfect place to have a little rest and re-charge. Ayden and Jess from the Block designed it, and you can tell they are winners. The colours and design are classy. Not your usual clinical look you have probably seen in the past, as if to say kid’s are filthy so everything must be plastic, white and can be hosed down. Kids’ might be filthy, but we are not, and there is nothing a mountain of baby wipes can’t fix.

But the true gold is the childcare service. Children aged 3 – 5 years old are totally catered for with Kindy Kids – a service operated by Stay ‘N’ Play who operate in 35 centres across Australia and New Zealand. For one hour between 9.30am – 1.30pm Monday to Friday while parents shop within the Centre, kids can enjoy a variety of arts and crafts and other activities under the supervision of friendly and trained staff members, with programs changing daily. My favorite bit is there are no TV’s so their little minds really do get creative while you get moving through the centre. You can book a position via an app before you even leave the house. EASY.

My daughter normally has a little melt down when I leave her. But after her eye’s feasted on the dress-up area, the massive chalk board, crafts and books she practically leapt out of my arms to go play. I nearly leapt with joy.

So I win. In 2015 mothers have choices. The choice to shop in peace, or get a manicure, or sit in a coffee shop and finish your coffee while it is still hot. The only thing that isn’t easy is deciding what to do first.