Why it’s about to cost more to catch an Uber or Didi

If the massive spike in petrol prices isn’t enough to make you feel the pinch, Australians will now have to pay a fuel surcharge when riding with Uber and Didi.

From Wednesday March 16, Uber Australia will implement the temporary fuel surcharge in response to the record-high petrol prices experienced across Australia.

Customers will likely pay around 50 cents extra on an average trip with the fee lasting for an initial 60 days.


In a statement posted online, Uber Australia’s Head of Driver Operations and Marketplace Emma Foley said 100% of the surcharge will go back to drivers who are feeling the sting of the petrol bowser.

“We’ve heard from driver-partner feedback that the recent sudden spike in petrol prices is having an impact,” Ms Foley said.

“The goal of this is to reduce the burden of the unprecedented nature of recent fuel increases while keeping the Uber platform working well for everyone.”

You can also expect to fork out the cost when ordering a takeaway delivery, with Uber Eats incurring the surcharge as well.

Petrol prices across Australia have sky-rocketed past $2 a litre, as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine adds pressure on the oil market.

Rideshare app Didi has followed suit, with a hike in ride prices from March 21.

Customers can expect an increase of 6-cents-per-kilometre for the next 60 days.