Why the Titans have the strength to do nothing

LAST week something really close to us, something we’ve loved since we were six and seven years old, was unceremoniously and very publicly dumped.


It has always been there for us when we needed it.


Right now it needs us.

After three failed franchises, substance abuse problems, performance issues and constant financial trouble you’d have thought that Gold Coast footy would be due some relationship luck.

Think again.

Our latest flame, this good-looking young bird from the northern beaches, wow, he really did a number on us.

Maybe it was my natural mistrust of hyphenated surnames but I never truly gave my heart to Daly Cherry-Evans.

Alas so many Gold Coast footy fans did.

For Joey’s sake the bloke bought a house here.

Next minute the club gets a ‘Dear Neil’ text from DCE saying he has shacked back up with an old flame.

It was all very sad, but the real tragedy will be what happens next if our collective emotions get the better of sound judgement and common sense.

Traditionally, even at the best of times, the Titans don’t make great decisions.

These are not the best of times.

Patience is needed. And faith. And self-respect, and self-confidence.

Right now the Titans have a war chest of funds that is the envy of almost every club in the league.

But it is only valuable if we use it wisely.

A lot can happen between now and next March, especially in the game of rugby league.

The Titans have several young players who are destined to be stars of the future.

We have time and money to simply sit back and wait for the wheel to turn.

DCE has given us a chance to show that we have grown up, that we are no longer a club who makes rash, emotionally-charged decisions.

That we no longer are a club, or a city, that settles for second best.

Right now the Titans are cashed up and on the rebound, looking for any old Dog, Eel or Rooster that can kick a footy to throw buckets of money at.

But like a spurned lover who searches the town for someone – anyone – to take away their hurt and pain, a desperate search for a sub-par playmaker to replace the man we lost will only end up causing more pain.

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