Why this WAG was dirty on Sanchez

Valentina Roth dumped her ex-boyfriend, Arsenal star Alexis Sanchez, after his friends al

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ALEXIS Sanchez is starting to accumulate some heavy baggage when it comes to women.

Valentina Roth, a former girlfriend of the Gunners star, recently revealed what led to her breaking things off in 2011, and it’s all kinds of scandalous.

According to the Daily Star, Roth dumped the Chilean striker after she discovered that his friends allegedly recorded a lovemaking session from his bedroom wardrobe:

‘He might be a role model for many people and he’s going to be loved by Arsenal fans all the time he’s scoring goals for them, Roth says. “But I hate him and I’ll never forgive him for what happened to me that night. Maybe Alexis thinks it’s funny to film a woman he’s making love to but I bet he’d be furious if someone did the same to his mum or his sister.’


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