Why Tom Tate wants a GC cruise ship terminal

Mayor Tom Tate has reaffirmed his commitment to a cruise ship terminal on the Gold Coast.

He revealed on Tuesday morning that the new plan would see the structure built opposite Sea World Resort at The Spit. It’s understood he will be seeking the support of fellow councillors and the State Government before unveiling the full plan to ratepayers.

Cr Tate confirmed to 102.9’s Flan and Emily Jade this morning that it will not be an offshore cruise ship terminal. “There’ll be a long jetty going out and when the boat comes in then you come in from the ocean side,” the Mayor said. “We’re looking at about 800-plus metres.”


He also confirmed they are looking at having a pumping station out by the jetty. “It’s no frills but at least we get the cruise ships stopping here on the Gold Coast.”

Cr Tate says it’s all about boosting the local economy. “I want to diversify the tourism part of our economy,” he said. “Cruise tourism is part of that.”

City engineers will be working to find the best options to provide a terminal which will not affect the surf.

Cr Tate says the plan to build opposite Sea World would mean surf at Stradbroke Island will not be affected. “They can surf to their hearts content over there,” he told Flan and Emily Jade.

The plan will be presented early next year.

Previously proposed cruise ship terminal | PHOTO: Twitter

Previously proposed cruise ship terminal | PHOTO: Twitter

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