Why you shouldn’t use UberEats

A friend of mine recently showed me the UberEats app on her phone with pride. “Check out this amount,” she beamed.

She’s not a customer of UberEats – quite the opposite. As a busy mother-of-three who struggled to find a job after staying at home with her kids for the better part of the last decade, she’s now an UberEats employee.

Perhaps contractor is a better description? Freelancer? I’m not sure the exact arrangement, but she’s now earning money by working for UberEats.


But here’s the thing… There’s only one true winner in this scenario.

And it’s not my friend.

Her total earnings for the week were $368, for working five days of work, between 9am and 2.30pm while her kids were at school.

Now, there are some obvious benefits to this arrangement… She earned some money! The hours were flexible! She made an income, in and around her chores, errands and parenting responsibilities! All fabulous things.

However, she worked for an average of $73 per day before tax, driving around for upwards of five hours a day. A solid hourly rate, that is not. In fact, it’s not even minimum wage.

She also drove her own car. Ignoring the matter of vehicular wear and tear, she had to pay for her own petrol. A full week of driving around chews through around a tank of fuel, she tells me, which at current eye-watering prices costs her roughly $80.

That makes her income $368, minus $80 fuel, minus tax, minus increased car servicing.

As a side note, the restaurants who participate in UberEats are not exactly singing all the way to the bank, either. They pay a whopping one-third commission to Uber for every order they fulfill. As disgruntled burger chef Josh Arthurs complained, “Uber takes 35% off the overall sales sold through the app, leaving restaurants with no room to make a profit.”

So, the restaurants involved are paying a hefty price just to be in UberEats.

The delivery drivers are making a pittance, while running their own car into the ground in the interim.

And the only one making out like a bandit is Uber.

Moral of the story? Better support your local dining establishments by collecting your own food or eating in-house.

Or if you absolutely can’t drag your cosy, blanket-covered self off your warm and comfortable couch, at least give your UberEats delivery driver a decent tip.