Why’s it hard for the homeless to see a GP

THERE is a push to get the Street Doctors service back to the Gold Coast.

Basically it sees a bunch of General Practitioners jump in a van and offer to do a consult for homeless residents.

Currently it operates in Brisbane and Logan but has visited Southport a couple of times.


Human Resources Manager Jason Wardrop tells us what the service is all about.

“Street Doctors are a Community Connect initiative that was originally funded by Medicare Local but obviously run by Australian After Hours Doctors”.

“We go out into the community and actually reach out to the homeless and anyone who is feeling the toughness of society pretty much and in conjunction with a lot of charities as well such as Rosies, we offer that free service under Medicare”.

He said they tend to treat sores, medication that needs to be prescribed but they cannot set a broken limb but clients can be referred on to other clinicians.

Mr Wardrop also said it does take time to build a relationship with the homeless community and that’s because of our great Doctors that we have on board.

He added the “community itself has a hard time obviously going to a Doctor in a normal medical centre and that’s why we offer this service and they love us and obviously we’re more than happy to stay on board and give back”.

Mr Wardrop said their biggest concern with servicing the Gold Coast remains the distance they have to travel from Brisbane and they want to get a couple more doctors on board.