Kangaroo with arrow in her back dies

UPDATE: The female kangaroo that had been shot in the back with an arrow has died.

Wildcare officers managed to successfully capture the injured Kangaroo this morning and rushed her to the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital for treatment.

Senior Vet Michael Pyne from Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Hospital said the kangaroo was in a desperate state when she arrived.


“The arrow had penetrated her abdomen and there was a nasty infection,” he said.

“This female kangaroo just didn’t have a chance. Sadly we had to euthanize her, there was no choice in the matter.

“It’s really amazing that she was hanging in there as she had been.”

Mr Pyne said the kangaroo also had a little joey in her pouch, which sadly had already passed away.

“It’s just horrible to think that someone would do this deliberate cruelty to animals, it’s difficult to understand,” he said.

The death of the kangaroo comes as Attorney General Jarrod Bleijie moves to toughen penalties for people who torture animals.

ANIMAL torturers will now face up to seven years jail under new laws to be introduced in Queensland.

More information on the new laws can be found here.

WEDNESDAY: WILDLIFE officers are trying to find a Kangaroo that has been shot in the back with a bow-and-arrow on the Gold Coast and track down the person responsible.

The injured Kangaroo was spotted wandering at the Coombabah Wetlands on Wednesday with the arrow still lodged in its back.

“It’s only a youngster, a little juvenile, probably less than 20kg, and the arrow has actually gone straight through the muscle and skin along his back,” Karen from Wildcare said.

Officers from Wildcare attempted to catch the youngster yesterday, but were unsuccessful.

“We tried to catch him yesterday, but he was just a bit to quick, he still actually can hop fairly well which is a good sign, but it makes it difficult to actually get him,” Karen said.

“We’ve got people going out there every morning and afternoon because that’s when they like to graze out in the paddocks.

“We have got people on standby with our guns so we can tranquilize him and get him down to the common wildlife hospital and hopefully get him treated.”

Karen said, unfortunately, this was not an isolated incident on the coast.

Co-host of Hot Tomato’s afternoon Drive show Luke Bradnam has pleaded for anyone with any information to come forward.

“I really want us as a community to find out who did this,” Bradnam said.

“You know that whoever did this probably had someone with him or may have boasted about it in some sick fashion. It just makes me sick.”

If you have any information, please contact Karen from Wildcare at 0400 165 462 and the police.

PICTURE: Supplied to myGC