Wildlife Wednesday: Baby Brahminy Kites

Two young brahminy kites will be calling the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital home for the next few weeks, after they were both abandoned by their parents after jumping the nest.

“There is nothing really wrong with them, they were just very thin and rundown when they were brought in,” Dr Michael Pyne told myGC.

Barry and Naples are not brother and sister, however Dr Michael Pyne said they are keeping them in the same rehab enclosure as they are the same age.


“They can grow up together and have a mate in here. They will do a lot better if they have another bird of the same species to grow up with.”

Mr Pyne said the birds will remain in care for another month or so.

“We are now feeding them and getting their strength back up. They will be here until they are bit bigger and tougher.”

Watch the video to see Barry and Naples up close and swooping during the interview with Dr Pyne:

For more information on the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital, visit: cwhf.org.au/