Wildlife Wednesday: Debbie the Saw-shell Turtle

The Currumbin Wildlife Hospital were inundated with turtles following the recent floods.

Dr Michael Pyne told myGC over 40 freshwater turtles were brought in to the hospital. “A number of them had been flushed out of the creeks, out into the saltwater and up on to the beach. Those were lucky ones – they spent a week here before being released. However, we also had another 20 turtles, like Debbie, that came in with shell fractures,” he said.

Dr Pyne said Debbie was almost certainly hit by a car. “We have glued on sewing hooks on either side of the shell fracture and then put wire around to pull the hooks together to help heal that fracture.”


While she is a good patient, Dr Pyne said Debbie needs to be kept in isolation. “Saw-Shell turtles are cranky and attack the other turtles, so Debbie is in solitary confinement.”

See Debbie’s fractures up close in the video below:

For more information on the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital, visit: cwhf.org.au/