Wildlife Wednesday: Eastern Sedge Frog

A tiny eastern sedge frog has been brought into the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital after he was discovered in a bunch of lettuce bought at a local GC market.

Dr Michael Pyne told myGC that they are usually forced to keep frogs in captivity once they are brought into the hospital as they are unable to track exactly where they need to be released.

“Frogs can carry diseases, so they need to be released exactly where they came from,” he said.


“In this instance we are luckily, because this little guy came from lettuce bought at the markets. We have been able to track back and find out exactly where the lettuce was grown, so we can get him back there for release.”

See the tiny eastern sedge frog up close in the video below:

For more information on the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital, visit: cwhf.org.au/