Wildlife Wednesday: Endangered Eastern Bristlebirds

Eastern bristlebirds are a critically endangered species, with only 8 birds left in the northern population.

With numbers so low, Dr Michael Pyne told myGC the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary have been breeding the birds for the past 3 years.

“We’ve built it up from four to five birds to 15 birds now. The breeding program is going well but each one of these little guys is absolutely precious,” he said.


Dr Pyne said the eastern bristlebird numbers have been dwindling for a number of years.

“These birds live on the ground so they are very vulnerable to predators, such as foxes and feral cats. Fire also destroys their habitat and where they are nesting,” he said.

“It is absolutely crucial that this breeding program goes well so we can look at releasing them back into the wild in the future.”

See the little eastern bristlebirds up close during a check-up in the video below:

For more information on how Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is helping to grow the eastern bristlebird population, visit: cws.org.au/eastern-bristlebird/