Green Tree Frog Wildlife Wednesday

Wildlife Wednesday: Gary the Graceful Tree Frog

A graceful tree frog found in a bunch of supermarket lettuce will now sadly spend the rest of his life in captivity.

Dr Michael Pyne told myGC Gary the frog cannot be released back into the wild as they are not sure where exactly he is from. “There is a real risk of spread of disease,” he said. “So this little guy is now going to have a life of captivity.”

“Frogs around the world are dying off at an alarming rate and it’s actually been described as the largest extinction since the dinosaurs. It is all down to a fungus that has been emerging over the last 10 years.”


Dr Pyne said the fungus has been spreading because people have been moving frogs from one place to another.

See Gary the Graceful Tree Frog up close and hopping around in the video below:

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