Wildlife Wednesday: Gary the Kookaburra

Gary the Kookaburra was discovered floating in the skimmer box of a backyard pool before he was brought in to the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital.

Dr Michael Pyne told myGC the male kookaburra managed to aspirate a lot of water into his lungs. “He was in a bad way when he arrived. Gary had to be nebulised with antibiotics as he had nasty infections in his lungs and air sacks,” he said.

“It’s always a race against time to get male kookaburras back to where they came from because if they lose their territory, and another male replaces them, they will literally get ‘bashed’ up. We do really need to get them back out and back where they came from as quick as possible.”


See Gary up close and defend his territory at the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital, in the video below:

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