Wildlife Wednesday: Kye the Koala

Kye the Koala is just one of the many animals Gold Coasters can see undergoing treatment at the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital’s Open Day this Sunday.

The Hospital is opening its doors to the public on August 27 to help raise much needed funds, and give locals and tourists an up close look at the incredible work they do.

Kye is one of many hospital patients visitors can meet on the day, with the friendly koala currently receiving treatment for chlamydia.


Dr Michael Pyne told myGC the chlamydia has affected Kye’s eyes. “He has really nasty conjunctivitis, which is an issue a lot of Koalas suffer with,” he said.

“He was virtually blind when he came in, the swelling in his eyes was so bad that he could barely see. He was starving out [in the wild] because he just couldn’t see his food or find his way about.”

Dr Pyne told myGC the hospital’s Open Day is a chance for the community to see vets and nurses in action as they care for just some of the 10,000 animals that are admitted to the hospital each year.

“It’s a great opportunity to learn all about our native wildlife and explore the hospital. We will be treating animals and we will be running tours through our rehabilitation facilities,” he told myGC.

Watch the video below to learn more about Kye and the Hospital Open Day:

Currumbin Wildlife Hospital’s Annual Open Day is on Sunday August 27 from 10am-2pm. Tickets are $10, with all funds raised to be used to help hospitalised koalas, through the Tree to Me program. For more information, visit: cws.org.au/hospital-open-day/