Wildlife Wednesday: Waterbirds with fishing hook injuries

The waterbird rehab enclosure at the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital is jam-packed with birds with fishing hook injuries.

Dr Michael Pyne told myGC they are overcrowded and running out of hospital space with so many waterbirds requiring treatment.

“I’m not a fisherman but it must be good fishing at the moment because we are getting all of these waterbirds coming in with fishing hook and fishing line injuries,” he said.


Dr Pyne said they are currently treating swans, ducks, pelicans and cormorants.

“Some of these birds need full surgery to open up their stomach to retrieve the hooks,” he said.

“People need to realise it’s not good to be feeding birds when you are fishing as you encourage them to hang around you. The birds can’t tell the difference between a bit of food being thrown their way to someone casting out with a bit of bait on a hook.”

Watch the video below to see the birds up close and to learn more about their injuries:

For more information on the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital, visit: cwhf.org.au/