Will the king of the mountain’s record ever be broken?

If there’s one man who could end up breaking Peter Brock’s nine wins in the Bathurst 1000, it’s Craig Lowndes.

Brocky’s protégé will be aiming for his 7th win on the mountain on Sunday, which would put him two victories away from equalling his idol’s remarkable record of nine crowns.

This weekend will mark the 10th anniversary of Brock’s death, and Lowndes admits the record of nine wins is something he would be honoured to reach.


The Gold Coast’s Tony Longhurst knows the mountain well and reckons if anyone can do it Lowndes can.

Longhurst has conquered the great race twice, taking first place in a Ford Sierra with Tomas Mezera in 1988, and again with Mark Skaife in 2001 for the Holden Racing Team.

Tony Longhurst Ford Sierra

PHOTO: Sicnag / 1988 Ford Sierra RS500 Bathurst winner [CC BY 2.0], via Flickr.com

Longhurst, whose father created the Dreamworld theme park, will be racing again this weekend after an absence of nearly a decade from the track.

This time he’ll be piloting a Porsche in the Carerra Cup.

“It’s hard for me to believe I first raced here back in 1984,” he told MyGC from trackside.

“I can’t get this racing out of my bloodstream. You have a lifetime of adrenalin and excitement and it’s really, really hard to hang up the helmet.

“I’m going to have a burn around the mountain and enjoy it and enjoy the nostalgic part of it as well; it’s a unique place and that’s what drags everyone back.”

He reckons the Triple Eight team of Lowndes and Steve Richards will be the ones to beat on the day.

Bathurst, he says, is a place where you need experience not necessarily going as fast as you can every lap.

As far as breaking the King of The Mountain’s record, Longhurst says the game now is vastly different from the days when the Toranas and GTHO’s ruled the track.

Peter Brock Holden A9X Torana

Peter Brock’s 1978 Bathurst Winning HDT Torana A9X | PHOTO: By Kytabu (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

“Lowndsie has four more to go, Jamie Winchup’s doing a great job and there’s a load of young guys coming up and records always seem to be broken.

“Peter Brock had a very colourful, strong career, but the competition when we were racing, with all respect, was nowhere near as tough as it is now.

“He could win Pole Position by a couple of seconds through the car and the tyres he had at the time – now the whole field is covered by a second or so.

“It’s probably a harder race to win, but nothing’s impossible.”