Winning ‘The Block’ house for sale after show rocked by scandal

Popular home-renovating show ‘The Block’ has been hit by one of the biggest scandals in Australian reality TV.

Just one month after going under the hammer for a record-breaking price, Channel 9 has revealed that the buyer of Jimmy and Tam’s winning home has failed to cough up enough money for the deposit, with the sale now falling through.

“The process of the auction, sale and follow-up was conducted in full regard of the appropriate regulations for property auctions in Victoria and monitored by the Victoria Department of Consumer Affairs,” Nine said in a statement.


The much-loved Queensland couple’s winning Block house sold to 28-year-old Emese Fajk for a whopping $4.256m during Auction, a massive $966,000 above the $3.29m reserve.

As a result, they walked away with more than $1 million in prize money.

“Nine have confirmed Jimmy and Tam remain the winners of The Block 2020 as they would have secured the win on the previous bid,” the statement continued.

“We will now work with them and their agents to finalise a sale as soon as possible and we are confident of a positive result for this unique property.”


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Speaking to a A Current Affair, Jimmy and Tam said they were left both shocked and disappointed by the news.

“It’s something no one ever saw coming, no one ever expected, but it’s something we now have to deal with,” The pair told the program.

“We’ve pretty much been conned! She came to our house to watch the final episode with us, she cracked a bottle of wine out of the wine fridge.

“She actually cried with us when the result came over, it was like we knew her as a friend.”

Ms Fajk took to social media after the story was aired on A Current Affair to defend herself.

“When people I don’t know try to dig into my life, that has been locked down and sealed, and everyone I professionally or academically come into contact with, knows not to engage and share info, I feel like it needs to be said: “BACK THE F*** OFF,” the 28-year-old wrote.

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‘BACK THE F*** OFF’,” she wrote.What a piece of garbage Fajk is a glory seeker she must be

Surely they investigate these people before hand…. how embarrassing! The house will sell much lower now because she caused the boilover!

I hope they take this to court and take her for everything she has. She got her 5 minutes on tv..Bought a house..signed a contract..can’t pay..see you in court

Last edited 5 months ago by tyrone

What a tosser she must be to buy a house on national Australian television and then can’t pay for it and for what ??? Don’t get me wrong here I also don’t like the couple that did the reno on this house either .

That is a bit OFF to say that they both worked Hard for their Family Get a LIFE

She should be taken to court. There are rules and regulations to prevent this happening. What an idiot going on TV after ripping of numerous people. Talk about stupidity …… stupid is as stupid does.