WINTER IS COMING: Un-brrr-lieveable overnight temps for the Gold Coast

Bust out the woolen socks, the flannel sheets, the hot water bottles, because winter is basically here and the Gold Coast is going cold.

Some brisk overnight temperatures are on their way this week, with every night expected to dip below the ICY 10 degree mark. 10 DEGREES!

Here’s the frosty forecast:


Monday night: low of 9 degrees.

Tuesday night: low of 7 degrees. WHAT?!

Wednesday night: back to 9 degrees.

Thursday night: back down to 7 degrees. SERIOUSLY!?

Also, Friday temperatures during the day are only predicted to hit 19 degrees, but with the forecast south-easterly wind, it’s tipped to feel a whole lot worse than that.

Send the clouds back in, we’re not ready for this! We’re Queenslanders for crying out loud!

The Bureau’s Aditi Sharan says it’s not even particularly unusual for this time of year, but a cold front has literally been chilling the whole east coast.

“The lack of cloud cover and the cooler, dry air mass, is responsible for the drop in temperatures.

“The presence of cloud cover actually acts as a blanket, so the temperatures would be warmer.

“So without that blanket all the heat basically escapes us.

“That allows the temperatures to drop down further,” Ms Sharan said.

So yeah, can’t wait to wake up tomorrow morning.