WIPEOUT: Former Billabong boss convicted of fraud, forgery

Former Billabong chief Matthew Perrin has been found guilty of fraud and forgery in the Brisbane District Court.

The case will return to court for mention on Thursday.

Perrin has been remanded in custody to be sentenced at a later date.


The jury convicted him on Tuesday of three charges of fraud and six of forgery, but couldn’t decide on three other charges

The former multi-millionaire pleaded not guilty to faking the signatures of his ex-wife and brother in 2008 on bank documents.

Perrin used the $15 million family mansion on Cronan Island at Surfers Paradise as security for a business loan.

The property was owned by his former wife Nicole Bricknell.

During the trial Perrin insisted he was given permission to sign his wife’s name on legal documents.

She denied ever giving him that authority and in an emotional appearance where she collapsed in court, Ms Bricknell said he had stolen the family home from her and their children which was worse than having an affair.

Perrin made around $57 million from his investment in Billabong before resigning as CEO in 2003.

By 2009 he’d lost it all and was declared bankrupt.