With fans like these who needs enemies?

FOR a couple of hundred thousand dollars I am willing to conduct a brisk inquiry into the Titan’s poor performance and hand down my insightful findings ASAP.

No need to employ expensive ‘experts’ to launch sweeping reviews.

I am quite happy to do it for a bargain price.


Right, the inquiry has concluded.

My findings are the Titans are failing because they are playing like crap.

Now where is my money?

Seriously, it’s a game folks.

I can’t believe so-called fans have launched websites, Twitter accounts, Facebook pages and designed merchandise in a ‘Sack Carty’ campaign to get rid of coach John Cartwright.

It’s absolutely vicious.

If Cartwright wanted to he could make much more money out of defamation suits from what they are saying about him then he is owed if his contract is cancelled.

Too bad they can’t put all that passion and energy into doing something that might actually make the world a better place to live.

Titan bosses have succumbed to the pressure and have announced a ‘sweeping review’ of all aspects of the club’s operation.

Let’s not hold back, they should call in the Feds and ASIO to check things out.

ICAC might have a bit of time on their hands now as well.

Yes, I know rugby league is also big business with all the risks of fraud, corruption and cheating anything involving lots of money has.

But this is about team performance.

The Titan’s board admitted something had to be done because crowds and revenue were being affected by the team’s poor performance.

But the team’s poor performance might also be affected by their so-called fans ditching them as soon as they hit a bad patch.

In fact, even when they were winning the crowds were down.

So the review might also want to look into why the Titan’s has such fickle fans.

Because isn’t the reason for poor sporting performances often psychological?

The Titans have some NRL superstars in their team.

They all train hard and seem to have all the right muscles in the right places.

At the beginning of the season they were flying high – in a good way – before injuries took a toll.

There is not much you can do about that.

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