WOAH! Aussie supermarkets are already selling Hot Cross Buns

While most of us are still raiding the fridge eating leftovers from Christmas Day, our supermarkets are busy baking Easter treats.

Yep, you read that right… EASTER.

Just three days after the jolly man in red arrived down the chimney, Hot Cross Buns have already started hitting supermarket shelves across the country.


“While some people may object to hot cross buns before Easter, early sales of the traditional treat suggest that most of us clearly can’t get them early enough,” Coles Category Manager Freddie Hancock said.

According to the supermarket giant, “many customers now expect to be able to munch down on a hot cross bun as soon as they polish off their Christmas leftovers, with many social media posts bemoaning that the buns were not available on Boxing Day.”

While some states are already selling the traditional Easter treats, a national rollout of hot cross buns is expected on Saturday with a range of new flavours including Sticky Date & Butterscotch and Salted Caramel hitting shelves.

Traditional 100% Aussie fruit, chocolate, apple & cinnamon and fruit-free hot cross buns will also be on sale from tomorrow, as well as traditional and new chocolate gluten-free hot cross buns.

What do you think, is it too early to start selling hot cross buns? Let us know in the comment section below!