WOAH! This man transformed an old, tiny unit into a stylish crib

Sooooo, when can we move in?

A clever Australian architect is taking the world by storm after he transformed a tiny, 24 square meter apartment in Sydney into an ultra modern and luxurious living space.

The stylish crib, which is located in Rushcutters Bay, was featured on YouTube by Never Too Smallwhere it has since gone viral with more than 5 million views in just two days!


The mirco home, named Boneca Apartment by its owners, features a kitchen, bathroom, dining room and living room just like any other ordinary home, but with a twist…

“This 24 square metre apartment has a sense of luxury and refinement way beyond it’s size,” architect Brad Swartz says.

“Realigning the bathroom and kitchen created a long living and dining zone, and a screened sleeping alcove, both oriented to the view.”

It’s no surprise people have been blown away by its clever, space saving design…

“This apartment is just perfect. I’ve always dreamed about a modern, minimalistic and cosy little apartment like this one. I’m in love with it!” one person wrote.

“This is honestly such a perfect space for living, especially for a single person. Its spacious enough while also including all the necessary equipment in a regular household. 10/10 would live in if I had the money,” commented another.