Woman accidentally sends cringe-worthy text to future mother-in-law

Whoops! The next family dinner may be a little bit awkward…

A young woman has been left red-faced after accidentally sending her future mother-in-law a cringe-worthy text message.

Aiman Siddiqui was studying for her upcoming exams and to avoid being distracted, she set up an automated text message reply on her mobile phone.


Instead of making the automated message too serious, Siddiqui decided to have a little bit of fun with it.

“I’m studying leave me tf alone. bih ahh tryna make me fail all the time. I GON BE SUCCESFULLLLL,” the automated text message read.

Unfortunately, Aiman’s fiancé’s mother messaged her during this time and so she received the above message…

Siddiqui shared the conversation on her Twitter account where it has since gone viral.

And for anyone game enough to set up the automated text message response. Here’s how you do it!