Woman allegedly on ice with kids in the car during school pick-up in Vic

A woman was allegedly under the influence of the drug ice when she was pulled over by police with two children in her car during school pick up on the outskirts of Melbourne.

Somerville Highway Patrol members spotted the car, with no number plates,  travelling west on Robinson Road in Langwarrin at about 3.50pm on Friday.

Police pulled over the unregistered vehicle, then found a three-year-old child not wearing a seatbelt and a three-month-old baby with loose safety straps.


An oral fluid test conducted on the driver indicated the alleged presence of methyl-amphetamine. This sample will undergo forensic analysis.

The driver from Frankston is expected to be charged on summons with drug driving, driving an unregistered vehicle, driving an unsafe vehicle and two counts of failing to have passengers (children) properly restrained.