Woman arrested after sneaking into Prince George’s school twice

A woman has been arrested in the UK after allgedly trying to sneak into Prince George’s new school twice in 24 hours.

The 40-year-old was taken into custody at Thomas’s Battersea school in south London on Wednesday afternoon, Metropolitan police confirmed.

“A woman has been arrested on suspicion of attempted burglary in Battersea, south London,” officers said in a statement.


“The woman was arrested in the vicinity of the school and has been taken to a south London police station where she remains in custody,”

“Police were alerted and officers attended immediately after the issue came to light.”

Security at the elite school is now under review.

“We are working with the school, which is attended by His Royal Highness Prince George, to review its security arrangements after the incident,” police said.

The woman’s motives remain unclear at this stage.