Woman captures dolphin spectacle

A WOMAN and her two children have captured the incredible moment a pod of dolphins joined two boarders for a surf in waters on the Gold Coast.

At around 1pm on Tuesday afternoon, Sara Patrick was standing atop the Point Danger lookout when her 8-year-old daughter noticed the spectacle.

The line of dolphins were seen frolicking in the clear waters and appeared unfazed by the two body boarders.


Sara was wrapped at the opportunity that arose before her and, armed with her Camera, she began capturing the scenes most professional photographers could only dream about.

After learning of her story on Wednesday morning, myGC contacted Sara to get the rundown on how she scored such a rare sight.

“Luckily I had my camera and quickly snapped a few pics of the dolphins having a play in the waves around the surfers,” Sara said.

“I do enjoy a bit of beach photography as a hobby and I was pretty excited to see these shots on my camera.”

Sara was with her daughter Emily, 8, and four-year-old son, Seth at the time.

“I was with my two kids at the Point Danger lookout overlooking Snapper Rocks at the time when my daughter pointed out the dolphins,” she said.

“The dolphins weren’t bothered at all by the surfers above, which was amazing.

“They played around for a little while before swimming up north towards Kirra Beach.”