Woman caught with 10 unrestrained kids in car fined $5000, hit with 30 demerit points

A WOMAN has been fined $5000 and been hit with 30 demerit points after she was allegedly caught driving around with 10 unrestrained children in the car.

Officers pulled over the woman’s car on Bagot Street in Alice Springs on January 3 after noticing a number of children “jumping around the cabin”.

Once stopped, it’s alleged officers counted 10 children under the age of 16 inside the vehicle, none of whom were wearing seat belts.


A child under the age of one was also unrestrained and sitting on the front passenger’s lap, police said.

The Northern Territory woman driving the car was fined $5,040 and issued with 30 demerit points.

Senior Constable First Class Ivan Petrovic slammed the woman’s actions, labeling her “irresponsible” and “reckless”.

“How someone can knowingly drive a vehicle in which their passengers are unrestrained is beyond me,” he said.

“Seatbelts are designed to save your life and prevent serious injuries in the case of a traffic crash.”