Woman charged over shocking animal torture

A woman has been charged with a string of animal cruelty offences on the New South Wales Mid North Coast.

A 73-year-old woman was spotted feeding fish to a pelican at a boat ramp on Point Rd at Tuncurry on Saturday 27 April.

It’s then alleged the woman grabbed the pelican and put it in the boot of her car before driving off with the pelican’s wing protruding from the boot.


Police caught up with the woman a short time later where she then released the injured pelican as officers approached her.

Following further investigations, Police executed a search warrant on Rest Point Parade at Tuncurry on Friday uncovering further alleged cases of shocking cruelty.

A magpie was found found in a cage with its beak removed.

The bird was seized by Police before being euthanised at a local vet.

Officers also seized mobile phones that depicted images and videos of animals, including a dog and rabbit that had allegedly been mutilated in public.

Police will allege the woman often feeds animals in public before taking them home and torturing them.

It will also be alleged she then takes the animals to a vet claiming to have found them and that they need to be euthanised.

The woman was charged with a number of offences including commit act of aggravated cruelty on an animal.

She’s been granted bail to front Forster Local Court on May 22.