Woman desperate to find late grandmother’s diamond rings, lost at Gold Coast theme park

A WOMAN desperate to find her late grandmother’s gold diamond rings that she lost during a visit to a Gold Coast theme park over the weekend has turned to Facebook for help.

Samantha Wilmot was visiting Sea World at Main Beach on Saturday and tells myGC she first noticed she had lost the highly sentimental rings at around 2.30pm while in the kids zone (pictured below).

Desperate to see them found and returned as soon as possible, Samantha wasted no time in jumping online and posting her story to Facebook.


PICTURE: Samantha Wilmot

Samantha tells myGC she lost her late grandmother’s rings in this area of Sea World PICTURE: Samantha Wilmot

Samantha described the rings to myGC as being “a gold diamond band” and the other “a gold band with large deep red ruby stones”.

“Please help me find them, they mean everything to me,” Samantha wrote on Facebook. “They belong to my nana who passed away last year. I will do anything to get them back.”

A report has been lodged with the theme park’s Lost and Found department.

Anyone who may have any further information is urged to contact Jessie Hayter on 0415 606 949.