Woman discovers snake hiding in bag of supermarket lettuce

A mother has taken to social media to share the horrifying moment she found a live snake lurking inside her bag of Aldi cos lettuce.

The Sydney woman posted about the shock encounter on Facebook overnight, in a bid to warn other shoppers.

“Check packaged lettuces carefully,” the woman wrote on Facebook.


“Last night my son found a baby pale-headed snake in with this baby cos lettuce from Aldi”

The caption was accompanied by two photos, which show the slithering serpent trapped inside the bag of lettuce.

PHOTOS: Facebook | Lesley Kuhn

The woman said her son, who made the find, contacted the Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service who came and collected the snake.

“He hadn’t realised how dangerous it was!” the woman wrote.

Aldi has confirmed they’re investigating how the reptile came to be inside the bag of lettuce.

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These snakes are not normally found as far south as Sydney and usually live in wet and dry eucalyptus forests and woodlands. If it was an open bag, it could have made its way there from anywhere. If a sealed bag, it would not have survived there for long. I doubt we need to check our lettuce. More chance of finding something in a bunch of bananas.