Woman forced into bushes, indecently assaulted by two men in WA

Police are hunting two men accused of forcing a woman into bushes before indecently assaulting her in Secret Harbour.

The sickening attack occurred just before 6.30pm on Thursday, 20 April.

Police said the 30-year-old woman was sitting on a park bench within La Palma Square before she began to walk along an alleyway, noticing two men standing ahead of her on the path.


Before the woman could turn around, the men allegedly forced her to the ground and indecently assaulted her in the bushes.

Police say the men were spooked and ran off when they heard someone walking along the path.

Investigations into the attack are ongoing.

One man is described as being around 35 years of age, fair skinned, approximately 190cms tall with a slim build, light blue eyes and scruffy blonde hair that is short on the sides and back.

The second man is described as being around 35 years of age, dark skinned, approximately 165cms tall with a solid build, black curly medium length hair and brown eyes.